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Individual “mink eyelash extensions” have a new look and feel with the latest wild mink eyelash extensions product! New wild mink fur is the grand extension that has now surpassed Siberian mink fur. We still use Siberian from our reputable supplier but we are replacing it with Wild mink from Canada.

The new wild mink eyelash extensions come in longer lengths than the Siberian mink and it is curled more. Our manufacturer uses a superior curling process that allows the extensions to STAY curly!

Mink Comparison Chart

Our Wild Mink Eyelash


Siberian Mink Poor quality fur
Species Wild mink (Only 10% in the world fur industry) Farmed Mink (More common) Mixed with rabbit yack & squirrel fur (Mixed fur and maybe no mink at all)
Flexibility Soft and durable Soft but can get brittle Too soft or too brittle
Luster Shining and dark black Dark brown/ Black Irregular colors
Sharpness Best Best Manual trimmed
Curvature Curl lasts long Few straighten but good curl Irregular curvature
Disinfection Completed with Gamma disinfection and shipped in medical sterile packs Disinfection rinse Unknown

** We ONLY use mink from humane, no kill providers. No minks are harmed.

Fake mink in no way is even close to the quality of real mink fur. Faux mink is just SYNTHETIC! It does not look like mink, feel like mink or last like mink. Even the lowest quality animal furs that masquerade as “Mink” look and feel totally different than faux/fake mink (plastic synthetic)

We have NO PROBLEM with synthetic and silk individual eyelash extensions. They have different applications and are available in very wide diameters for maximum drama but we do not dare call them mink. High quality synthetics (polyester blends) are affordable and can be very attractive. They require more maintenance but are the most appropriate for that fake eyelash look (DramaqueenTM extensions).

Mink are best suited for that client that wants a full but natural look and little maintenance. They are a luxury lash and luxury costs more.

” Real mink lashes are the premium Ritz Carlton of eyelash extensions and the others range from an hourly motel to a nice suite at a Holiday Inn.”   Anna B. (client quote)

How do you know if it is REAL mink eyelash extensions or fake/faux mink (synthetic)? Well, first of all it is so soft! If it doesn’t feel like butterfly kisses than it is plastic. If you are paying under $200 (unless they are running a special) you may want to take a close look at their product. The real wild mink lashes are the MOST expensive product we order and we can not afford to give them away.

Real Mink Eyelash Test




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