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“Offering $30 cheap eyelash extensions Las Vegas mobile service to residential and strip hotels!”

cheap eyelash extensions las vegas

Wow! Cheap eyelash extensions and it only takes 20 minutes!

Every one wants a full set of real mink fur eyelash extensions and at a cheap price. So why are clients paying $200+ for lashes when there are $30-$90 sets? Is there a difference between more expensive and so called “cheap eyelash extensions“?

You had better believe there is a difference! You won’t get the best eyelash extensions cheap! You won’t be getting eyelash extensions at all in many cases.


Authentic individual eyelash extensions are a superior lash enhancement that requires skill, patience, time and QUALITY products. View the camparison of the more expensive lashes and the “cheap eyelash extensions Las Vegas “. You get what you pay for.

What about.......Cheap Eyelash ExtensionsQuality Eyelash Extensions
What about.......Cheap Eyelash ExtensionsQuality Eyelash Extensions
application time for full sets15 minutes to a hour due to "short cuts" with bundle, flare and poorly applied "American Individuals".90 minutes to 3 hours to expertly apply individual eyelash extensions.
cost to client$20-$90 $100-$450 depending on extension fiber. Quality synthetics, faux mink and silk are far less expensive than imported Siberian Fur Mink.
extension product or lash typeCluster, horse hair, bundled plastic, flair or bunched indivudual synthetics.Quality poly-fiber synthetics, mink fur, human hair, silk.
adhesive used$.99-$5 per bottle superglue, flair glue (drug store $3.97) and cheap so called eyelash glue from China. Poor hold.$50-150 per bottle of authentic eyelash extension adhesive with no harmful additives. Long lasting hold and most gentle.
training, certification and licensingN/ANovalash, Xtreme ect and state licensing can cost $1000's. Nevada State Board Of Cosmetology regulates eyelash extensions. Must be inspected and a licensed cosmotologist or aesthetician.
cost to technician for each procedure$2+Extensions, adhesive, state required disinfection equipment and products to sanitize tools, surgical tape, tools, gel pads, exam lights, table, stool, client intake forms/paper work ect. $20-$60 per client (depending on lash type)
mobile technicians who come to youCommon.Illegal in Nevada. No licensed professional would risk loosing their license by providing mobile eyelash services.
allergic reactions to eyelash extensionsCommonNot common.
damage to natural eyelashes and safetyLikelyNot likely.
client satisfactionLowHigh

Eyelash Extension Specials – Good deals on QUALITY eyelash extensions but not CHEAP and not $30 LOL!!!

Eyelash Extension Types –  The skinny on different eyelash extension types including Mink eyelash extensions.

Schedule For Eyelash Extensions TODAY – 24 -7 on line booking. You can set up your appointment right now! No credit card!



Among the largest contributors to how lengthy your lashes will stay on those pretty peepers certainly has a lot to do with the type of adhesive utilized during the full set application. Almost all extensions utilize a fast bonding adhesive that includes cyanoacrylate, yet there are numerous variations that individual manufacturers utilize to make their glue more desirable to cosmetologists and consumers. On the lesser end of the rate spectrum, a fundamental adhesive will certainly last via a brief growth cycle, normally about 2-5 weeks. More powerful adhesives advertise less touch-ups, so you’ll just be visiting the lash spa monthly for a little upkeep. The higher initial cost for the customized authentic eyelash adhesive is balanced out by far fewer needed touch-ups. Cheap drug store glue may get you 1-2 weeks.


If you believe lashes are lashes and cheap eyelash extensions are the way to go, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of choices readily available for your extension experience and “cheap’ providers can not provide this. The first option that affects price is the lash product itself. The least pricey options are synthetic, then polyester blends or silk to simulate the appeal and structure of normal lashes. A higher quality faux mink or human hair will last longer but be more expensive than plastic synthetics. The most costly lashes are made from even more luxurious,  actual mink fur hairs. Several of the more pricey materials are much more comfortable since they are lighter weight. The longer and thicker the lashes, the higher the cost goes up too. You may also decide on from a variety of accent lashes like blue, green and purple, or go for designed lashes with glitter or gems, however the customized eyelash extensions are never “cheap”.


THESE ARE NOT EYELASH EXTENSIONS AT ALL! BEWARE AS MOST CHEAP EYELASH PROVIDERS CALL FLARES AND CLUSTERS OF INDIVIDUALS , EYELASH EXTENSIONS. FLARES AND “INDIVIDUAL” EYELASHES applied as shortcuts will always make for a bad experience. Flares, Clusters and bulked individuals include affixed groups of 3-10 bunched up lashes, usually with a knot at the end. These kinds of lash improvements are made to be put on the skin utilizing temporary lash adhesive for short term wearing. It has become known that some technicians are taking these lash groups and utilizing a semi-permanent eyelash extension glue to adhere flares and individuals directly to organic lashes. Certainly administering lashes in packages such as this will certainly take considerably much less time to apply to achieve a full look compared to a single lash by lash application, nonetheless this is an undesirable method for natural lashes. These clumpy glue nightmare lashes are far too massive for a single natural lash to support. If applied to one normal lash they will breat off the natural lash and inhibit future regrowth. Alternately, if they are put on multiple normal lashes to appropriately sustain their massive weight, several natural lashes will certainly be adhered with each other. Because organic lashes shed at different different times the flares will certainly not allow natural movement or shedding.  The lashes become painful and pinch. Eventually, the flares, clusters and clumps of glue will shed and destroy your natural eyelashes. This may lead to long-lasting damage and lash hairloss! It is what the majority of “cheap eyelash extensions” contain. No skill is called for to apply these.

History Of eyelash Extensions - Interesting article on how eyelash extensions came to be.

Eyelash Extension Specials – Good deals on QUALITY eyelash extensions but not CHEAP!!!

Eyelash Extension Types –  The skinny on different eyelash extension types including Mink eyelash extensions.

Schedule For Eyelash Extensions TODAY – 24 -7 on line booking. You can set up your appointment right now! No credit card!



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  1. Amy - February 18, 2013 8:33 am

    I can say that I understand you get what you pay for. I got $60 eyelash extensions at a nail salon on Eastern in Henderson. I have no natural eyelashes left. I had to rip the mess of clumpy glued heavy fake eyelashes off. It hurt to blink and it drove me crazy. I had a gut feeling not to do it but i figured what the heck. $60 sounded good and she could do me right away. What a huge mistake.

    • Theresa Garcia - February 18, 2013 9:14 pm

      It seems the only thing to do is to rip them out when you get crummy eyelash extensions. Damage of natural eyelashes can be avoided if you soak them off ASAP by a professional. We offer victoms of the “cheap eyelash extensions” salons and mobile technicians free soak offs with discounted full sets! You can save your natural lashes, get a free soak off and be set up with a QUALITY set of the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has to offer.

      We are VERY sorry you and so many other eyelash extension newbies encounter this issue. We hope that you have not given up on extensions all together and would give them a go with us!

      Thank you for your comments and hope to see you soon!


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