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The History Of Eyelash Extensions And False Eyelashes – By Las Vegas Eyelash Extensions

So often clients ask “Where did eyelash extensions come from?” and “When were they invented?”. Eyelash extensions actually evolved from the ever changing false eyelash addiction. False eyelashes birthed modern day semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

The innovation and use of false eyelashes led us to modern day eyelash extensions. This lust for lashes began in 1916 when director D.W. Griffith was making his film labelled Intolerance. Griffith wanted actress Seena Owen to have eyelashes that brushed her cheeks, made her eyes appear bigger and remarkable. The first false eyelashes was made from human hair woven by hand with fine gauze by a neighborhood wig maker. Thus it started.

Eyelash Extension History

Seena Owen: The first women in lashes.

Over the years, false eyelashes have remained to advance in order to cover numerous different bases. While older designs of false eyelashes came affixed to a fringe base, as we moved into the 40’s, 50’s, and beyond we began to see brand-new breakthroughs struck the scene. Artificial lashes emerged, as did cutting-edge designs of false eyelash application that enabled the application of only a few carefully placed hairs additionally referred to as flares or clusters.

The false eyelashes of today are far more versatile and natural-looking than the ones that were prominent in Old Hollywood or even– more just recently– in the 60’s when Twiggy was the big “it lady”. They came in a wide range of various options but in the 60’s, overdone doe eyed lashes were latest thing. Artificial false eyelashes were in all fashion: made with human hair or artificial products, they were asked for by women in every beauty parlor, and used in clusters of lashes or individually, both were glued to the lash line, on the eyelids. Customers didn’t care how fake they looked. It was the fashion to be bold.

False eyelashes on Twiggy

Bold false eyelashes on the one and only Twiggy!

Let there be eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extensions are the most up to date strategy established by beauty consultants and cosmetologists to improve the beauty of the eyes. A to thicker, longer and more attractive eyelash enhancement. Eyelash extensions are believed to have come from Japan and some say Korea at the beginning of the millennium and came to be preferred in 2004. Nevertheless, “Korean false eyelashes” and “individuals” have been around for 30 + years and though they were not with the title of “eyelash extension” that is precisely what they are.

eyelash extension application

Individual modern day eyelash extensions.

In 2005, eyelash extensions came to be the sexy appeal weapon that all the hot movie stars had. According to a “Good Morning America” online article, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had them, Jennifer Lopez had them in mink and Madonna studded hers with diamonds. Similar to much star fashion, celebrity tends eventually pass on to the basic public, consisting of eyelash extensions. People like eyelash extensions since they can retain the individual’s natural appearance and are quite comfortable. When the rich and well-known began recommending improvement through eyelash extensions, the craze removed. Movie stars and well known artists including Nicole Kidman,  Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell and Liz Hurley are fans who sport eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions quickly became a fun principle enhancement that even non-celebrity types could afford and seem like a movie star.

So exactly what are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are single fiber “hairs” that been available in a selection of lengths, widths, curls and colors. The extensions are independently applied to one’s own natural lashes using a very small quantity of medical grade adhesive. Eyelash extensions are most generally made from genuine Siberian mink fur, synthetic, silk, human hair or polyester. Authentic Siberian fur mink lashes are really light-weight and feathery but do refrain well when introduced to water. In addition, they are the most costly eyelash extension on the marketplace. No matter what product or kind of authentic extension, these false eyelashes last longer than any various other false eyelash up to date. They are likewise the most comfy.

Las Vegas eyelash extensions come in all shapes and sizes. At Axiom Wellness And Medical Spa, we make sure to stock every kind of extension made. With the popularity of lashes growing, their is now so many choices in length, curl and product. We can now accommodate any client and provide any look desired. We have come a long way baby!

Eyelash Extension Types


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