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Did you get some bad so called “eyelash extensions”, flares, clusters or just a super poor job done for cheap? Well these are NOT eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are not supposed to hurt or destroy your natural eyelashes. They are not supposed to be glued to your skin and there should be not any adhesive on your skin at all. Authentic eyelash extensions do not take 20 minutes to apply and they do not cost $40 at the nail shop.

We provide the real deal and have a variety of lash options to create a perfect lash experience for each and every client. You can have the eyelashes you always dreamed of in a couple of hours.

We can fix your eyelash extensions!



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  1. darlene Ransom - March 25, 2013 3:44 pm

    Who in North Carolina does minky eyelash extension?

    • Theresa Garcia - March 27, 2013 2:36 am

      “Minky” or Minkys are a brand of synthetic eyelash extensions. They sell plastic blended synthetics available in a variety of curls and diameters. Any so called “mink eyelash extensions” that come in various thicknesses, are 100% synthetic. Minky has started selling an animal hair extension they claim is mink but im on the fence. It is not certified authentic Siberian fur mink. It’s texture does not represent the mink I have that is certified. So….. I am not entirely sure if it is yack hair, horse hair ect. They outsource and order from a manufacturer but not an actual mink farmer from what I was told so I can’t say if their mink is authentic.

      You will have to google someone in your area providing real mink (real siberian fur) Minky (faux mink by the Minky brand). I’m unaware of anyone in your area.


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